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Tejal Rathod - Founder & Success Coach at eDC

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Meet Tejal 

Entrepreneur | Success Coach | Author | Speaker

Tejal is a 'Peter Drucker Management Excellence' Award-Winning Success Coach, passionate about positively contributing to the growth journeys of a million professionals worldwide. Her vision is to bring meaning, success, and happiness into the lives of every willing individual out there! She truly believes one needs the right knowledge and hope to Empower, the right mindset of an action-taker to Transform, and the right consciousness to Evolve.

Live Your Dreams & Win!


Through her diverse academic pursuits in Executive Management, Psychology, Health & Nutrition, and Technology, Tejal guides her clients to success using a unique, holistic, integrative approach operating at a Body, Mind, and Soul level. She is an empathetic Coach with a consistent record of getting things done

the right way!

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