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Wo/Man, Work IT Out!

Deep. Hard-hitting. Practical.

..dare to Dream & find True Success!


Wo/Man, Work IT Out! by Tejal Rathod

2024 Copyrighted Intellectual Property by Copyright Office, Government of India.

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A Unique way to Success!

Wo/Man, Work IT Out! is a quintessentially realistic, practical, actionable go-to guide for Individuals, Working Professionals, and Organizations who dare to dream and find true meaningful success.


If you or someone you know (an Individual, Working Professional or an Organization) is striving to inquire about any of the following subject matter then you are at the right place!

I want...

  • to curate my dreams and achieve them.

  • to Succeed and become a Winner.

  • to achieve Personal Transformation & Professional Success.

  • to integrate my personal and professional goals and don’t know how to do it.

  • to prioritize Work-Life balance.

  • to know how to Have It All, a good Working Culture, Professional Development, Career Progress, Motivation, Skills, Harmonious Relationships, Emotional Quotient, Awareness & Management of Self, and more.

  • to know simple & easy-to-follow, time-tested, and future-proof ideas that can bring my desired Success.

This book acts as an insightful self-mentoring working guide for discovering your true self and realizing your full potential through your personal growth. It guides its readers to a unique individualized journey of Success. Throughout the book, you’ll find unspoken work dynamics & inspirational stories of the author’s real-life, candid, and relatable experiences of today’s complex workplaces & her personal life with powerful learnings that matter for anyone’s excellence. Learnings that capture necessary approaches & practices that practically work and are simple & easy to use by any professional, Men & Women alike, a Leader in Business, HR, Legal, Marketing, Operations, or an Organization at any stage of their professional journey. The book also covers proven, first-hand, practical, and easy-to-follow Psychology Management Models, Frameworks, and Processes to uniquely integrate Personal & Professional life priorities and build your tailor-made plan for Success.

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What's Inside?


Self-mentoring guide read at your time. A page a Day - 250 days to completion!

Working Guide

Working Guide to do the Practice Exercises at your pace.

Go Inward!

Thought Provoking Questions for Personal Transformation!

Make History!

Be a part of Remodelling History of Corporate Work Culture!

Achieve Dreams!

Achieve Your Dreams with a Solid Work-Life Strategy & Become the Evolved You, Meaningfully!

What Readers Say!

Learning from struggle: not an empty LinkedIn cliche, but the moral of a compelling story.


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