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  • What are FAQs meant for?
    FAQs are formulated to help our Webpage visitors to find quick answers to common questions about eDC's Services & Engagement while providing them with a better navigation experience.
  • How often FAQs are updated?
    Quarterly updates to FAQs are applied based on our Undertaken Engagements, Inquiries & Queries received from our clients and webpage visitors.
  • Why eDC Services?
    eDC is a boutique Coaching Services provider for Individuals, Working Professionals, and Organizations / Corporates. Our services are uniquely crafted to address the challenges and adversities our clients face to achieve their success and elevate themselves to attain meaningful success. In this journey, One size no longer fits all! Knowing Information is just not enough! Merely following popularly scripted trends is not suitable! Relevant, Detailed, and Objective guidance is what gets anyone to Sustain the Optimum & Meaningful results they seek, for a real experience of Growth, Transformation, and Evolution! eDC benefits are four-fold integrated with our Values, functioning across our Approach, Engagement, Expertise, Service Record. A unique services approach focusing on Body, Mind, and Soul to solve any Personal, Professional, and Organizational challenges or meet objectives of targeted goal. *Individulized Engagements focused on the detailed, depth, and quality of service provided to each Client over number of Clients served. Depth of *Personalized Engagement Process. Length, Breadth, and Depth of Expertise & Experience in the field of Management, Psychology, Health & Well-being. Exceptional Credibility, Credentials, and Continued Accreditations from World-Renowned Institutions in the field, to support providing quality guidance to each diverse Client. Consistent Record of delivering services for positive Impact & Value, using Scientifically backed, Evidence-based, and Multi-dimensional methods. Globally Recognized Award-Winning Team specialized in Management, Psychology, Health & Well-being for the depth & quality of Positive Impact created. *eDC services are currently delivered in personalized settings i.e. through 1 on 1 sessions, Group sessions, or Consulting engagements to provide adequate attention, depth, and quality to every engaged client relationship. To serve our clients better, eDC's Self-paced Online Coaching Program release is underway. Register your interest here: Contact Us.
  • eDC's Client Demography
    Based on eDC's Expertise & Services Portfolio, click here: Our Services. eDC's Client demography includes: Individuals (Adults aged between 18 to 65 years) Early-Mid Career Working Professionals within Corporate / Organization Mid-level Managers within Corporate / Organization Leaders within Corporate / Organization Executives (Leader of Leaders) or Policy Makers within Corporate / Organization
  • eDC Portfolio
    As a Client, which one should I choose? Mentoring, Coaching, or Consultation?
  • Service Type
    eDC offers many services to suit our Client's requirements. To serve our clients better, eDC's Self-paced Online Coaching Program release is underway. Register your interest here: Contact Us.
  • Service Location
    eDC primarily operates out of Mumbai, India. Within India we offer Remote / Online and *In-Person engagements. Our worldwide clients engage with us through Remote / Online Web-based meetings. *any associated logistics and travel costs are covered by the engaged client at actuals.
  • Services Pricing Tiers
    For Individual Professionals: eDC engages with Clients on a pay-as-you go basis for each session for a speed-coaching session. Write to us about your requirement at For client engagements that needs minimum 4-12 sessions, pricing quote is shared based on the client requirement and on following tiers of services. For Corporates: Pricing is based on the engagement models, scope, and goals of Corporate / Organization. Send us your inquiries here: Engage. or Write to us about your requirements at
  • Partner Services
    Considering Partnering with us? Write to us at
  • 'Pay It Forward' Services
    The heart of eDC services is to elevate personal success to achieve meaningful happiness & bring respect to lives of Individuals, Working Professionals, and Corporate / Organizations. In this spirit team eDC engages in 'Pay It Forward' services on a Pro bono basis. Considering our team's on-going commitments to our clients, such engagements are considered based on our availability. Considering engagement? Write to us at
  • Engagement Models
    eDC Engagements are carried out in three models. Personal (1 to 1) Group (1 to many) Consulting
  • Engagement Process
    The Client Engagement Process, as applicable for Coaching Services & Consulting Services (refer to FAQs section, Services > Service Type) for any Engagement Models, includes (*not limited to) the following stages: *eDC subjectively works with the client to offer adequate flexibility and adaptability to effectively optimize the Client Engagement Process. This is to ensure the mutual best interest of each party involved. **As eDC provides personalized coaching based on the client's needs, goals, and other factors considered, engagement outcomes can vary from Client to Client. Engagement outcome alignment is done pre-emptively to reach mutually agreeable outcome expectations with the Client before commencing any Services agreed as per the Consulting Agreement. ***These engagement steps are performed iteratively, as needed. +Coaching resources are defined mutually and will be shared with the Client as per the Consulting Agreement.
  • Engagement Duration
    eDC offers many services to suit our Client's requirements, for services mentioned in FAQs Section, Services > Service Type. To serve our clients better, eDC's Self-paced Coaching Program release is underway. Register your interest here: Contact Us.
  • Supported Language
    While we respect diverse spoken languages, we deliver our services most effectively in the English language.
  • Consulting Agreement
    Every service offered by eDC is honored & formalized by conditions signed through the Consulting Agreement between the Client and eDC. Every client of eDC mandatorily undertakes a non-negotiable Consulting Agreement covering Terms & Conditions of Engagement that covers terms of Non-Disclosure, Confidentiality, Intellectual Property Rights, Engagement Conduct & Termination conditions, Refund policy, etc.
  • Testimonials
    While eDC welcomes any form of client feedback & appreciation for the provided services, eDC's foremost priority is to respect our client's Confidentiality, Privacy, Non-Disclosure terms, and Personal preference covered under signed Consulting Agreement. In this light, some of our Referenceable Client Recommendations can be found here: Social Link. Marketplace Link.
  • Operating Hours
    For latest updates on eDC's Business hours of operation, click here: Google Maps Link.
  • Operating Location
    eDC HeadQuarters is located in Mumbai, India. To locate eDC HQ, click here: Google Maps Link. Learn more about our serving location in FAQs Section, Services > Service Location.
  • Book our Services
    eDC is a boutique Coaching Services Provider with a range of services offered for our diverse set of clients. Write to us about your requirements here: Engage. To learn more, refer to FAQs section, Services > Service Type. Or Visit our Webpage: Our Services.
  • Inquiry Response Time
    Currently, eDC runs with fewer hands so we appreciate our clients giving us 24 to 48 hours to revert on any inquiries. Send your inquiries to
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